Success Stories

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1700% ROI in 14 months..... 2700% ROI in 30 months (Volume Mobile Computing)

A leading computer manufacturer needed to meet growing quarterly quotas of revenue for its mobile computing division. To accomplish this, they had to increase their pipeline by over 40% to meet a historical close ratio of 5:1 (working deals to sales). The new solution also had to build a secondary Sales Pipeline within new verticals while maintaining the same or better historical close ratio. . As part of the goal to increase revenue, this manufacturer had to diversify its account base beyond its most prominent vertical...
Case Study: Pipeline Build & Diversification
Over 2700% ROI; over $17.5m sales

1500% ROI in 6 months (Backup / Recovery / Archive)

A Channel Brand Manager of Backup and Storage hardware was tasked with finding a solution to increase its volume of sales through one of its largest Resellers/OEM partners. Traditionally, it has been a challenge to measure Return On Investment (ROI) of their Marketing Development Funds (MDF).
Case Study: Channel Partner Sales
1530% ROI using MDF's

1160% ROI in 12 months (Network Infrastructure)

A Product Marketing Manager was responsible for a new product line launch within an established marketplace in an extremely competitive environment. Market penetration had already been attempted internally with limited success. This challenge was mixed with the fact that the average sales person did not have the knowledgebase or technical expertise to position the networking equipment effectively.
Case Study: Front-to-Back Sales System
1160% ROI with extensive market intelligence

1800% ROI in 25 months & over $34m Quoted Deals (Enterprise Data Storage Solutions)

Minecor designed a multi-touch B2B lead generation program with multiple integrated components that work seamlessly with marketing efforts of this global Fortune 100 technology company. 
Note: The most recent program analysis shows over 2200% ROI.
Case Study: Integrated B2B Lead Generation
Over 1800% ROI; plus, over $34m quoted deals

Over 100 completed surveys & 25 qualified Sales Leads from Top Oil & Gas Executives

Using Minecor's extensive database and tenured Sales Specialists, Minecor developed and implemented a market research program to assist a well known technology company to position a specified product line into a new vertical along with identifying potential early adopters.
Case Study: Market Research Program Oil & Gas Industry
Over 100 surveys from CIO,CTO, VP of IT, & Dir IT;

117 data points; 25 qualified leads identified