Our Clients

As a Minecor client, you will have access to our team of experts including:

  • Sales & Program Management
  • Marketing & Report Analytics
  • Data Services

Our main focus for our clients:

  1. Building a sizeable sales pipeline that delivers predictable Return On Investment (ROI)
  2. Providing marketing analytics that assist corporate marketing and product marketing with messaging, product acceptance, positioning, and competitive landscape using timely feedback directly from buyers


“Minecor has effectively worked with my team and channel partners to develop a sales pipeline that has delivered to date over 1300% Return On Investment..."

Senior Director Americas Marketing


“I am inundated with calls from competitors of Minecor. I have frank discussions about what Minecor is doing, and even the competitors acknowledge that our program seems to be producing great value...”

VP Business Development & Sales Programs


“Minecor is a real extension of Avocent's Sales and Marketing organization. They understand both the product offering and the best approach to the marketplace resulting in a seamless system to deliver revenue...”

Vice President of Sales


“Without exception, Minecor delivers on its promise to provide professional service, first-rate tracking and reporting tools and most importantly, measurable results...”

Brand Marketing Manager


“As a result of Minecor's efforts, our sales pipeline is stronger and our revenue continues to grow..."

Vice President Marketing


“Minecor successfully delivered all of the integral components, along with a return of 10X our initial investment in closed sales opportunities within ninety (90) days...”

OEM Marketing Manager


“With Minecor's extensive database of IT decision-makers in our various target verticals, we had plenty to work with...”


Chief Marketing Officer


"Minecor has not only driven the leads for revenue but has delivered market intelligence reports that have accomplished these goals...”


Vice President of Sales


Other Minecor Clients